Landscaping Walls

wall in progress

Landscaping walls are built and used for many purposes.  Retaining walls, decorative walls, and seating walls(around patios) are the most common.

There are 5 basic types of wall systems:

  • Interlocking wall stone
  • Dimensional wall blocks
  • Natural fieldstone                                           completed wall
  • Boulder
  • Timber

decorative stone patio


 Interlocking Wall Stone




Dimensional wall block (finished on both sides)


limestone wall











timber wall










Outcropping stones used to slow water drainage and erosion on a gentle slope next to this homes foundation.



We have experience with all these types of wall systems. When you call us for a free estimate, we bring brochures with pictures of the different types of walls available.  We sit down with you and discuss what will best meet your structural and aesthetic needs.






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